Andrew Moore was born and raised in 1975, in the United Kingdom.

During the 1980’s, he got to see the unique evolution of the 8 bit microcomputer, from a European perspective.

Fortunately, his uncle was a computer programmer ( a very rare occupation in the 1980’s – similar to randomly meeting a modern day Physicist ). During the early 1980’s, Andrew had unique access to “IBM compatibles” ( IBM clones ) and the “BBC micro computer”, in an era when every home had a rotary ( analog ) telephone, yet owning a “computer” was a relatively rare and expensive thing.

Gaming since he was 7 years old, on the “Commodore VIC-20”, one of the fun, weird, nerdy things that he used to do, that doesn’t exist anymore ( and got phased out relatively quickly ) was hand-type games and graphics programs, that were listed in magazines, into the computer.

In the UK, Andrew studied Advanced: Math; Physics; Chemistry. After emigrating to Canada in 1994, he studied: micro electronics; computer programming.