See our new Joke Page!

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GeekTALKMD gets lots of jokes sent to it. So we’ve decided to add some of them to our new Joke page!

Once a month we will select one of our favorites and post it to this page for your comments!

Remember … we didn’t write them but we would love your thoughts on them!




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2016 was a great year for us and we couldn’t have done it without our listeners and viewers!

Geek Talk MD want to wish you all a Happy and Successful 2017!

We are here to talk but we are also still here to listen!

Reach out to us anytime!!

– Dave and Mozes



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Pete’s suggested ep #17 (Part2) is the first Geek Talk MD episode to hit 100 views! Great promotion effort!!

For promoting your Geek Talk MD episode, you’ve won:

  • Our first official GTMD Gold Star!  gtgoldstar
  • $50 credit towards any offer(s) in our Fair!!

Please contact me for details!

Keep the suggestions and comments coming!

Promote your Slidecasts! Lots more Prizes to be won!




Hello world!

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Welcome to Geek TALK MD!!

This unique variation on the typical Podcast concept leverages humorous pics and sound clips to support that fun loving and occasionally insightful conversations between our two hosts and the brilliance of their guests on Geek and Nerd genre topics: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming of all forms, Movies, TV, Comics, Video Games … and much … much more!

These discussions are not just for Geeks and Nerds of the house hold but for those that feel they may not be but would like to learn more about the genre to support friends, family, and loved ones that do love the wonderful world of … What If !